Alice Smith is an artist and freelance illustrator and designer based in Lancashire, UK, with an MA in Design and Art Direction, Manchester Metropolitan University. After graduating she co-founded the small press imprint 'Bracketpress' with partner Christian Brett. They publish mostly philosophical and political books and prints. Much of their back catalogue contains collaborative projects with Penny Rimbaud (ex-Crass), and more recently the film maker Richard Jobson (The Skids) and Jason Williamson of Sleaford Mods. The Bracketpress archive is held by the Special Collections Library at Manchester Metropolitan University.

Her work as a commercial book designer, illustrator and art director for the Idler magazine, informs her personal projects.
Many of her projects involve evoking atmosphere, humour, and story elements, with a focus on illustrating and documenting historical, scientific, psychological, sociological themes, which vary from project to project, often playing with visual allegories and metaphors to relay complex stories and knowledge, to create new and surreal interpretations. 

In developing her work, she starts with in-depth research from historical and modern reference material, experimenting with collage elements and then developing them as sketches, often utilising and blending traditional printmaking and digital media to create installations and exhibitions, in the form of framed prints, timeline murals and illustrative paper installations. 

Recent commissions include a series of banners celebrating the story of St Margaret of Antioch at Leftbank Leeds, a mural at Leeds Central Library in Room 700, titled the History of Women's Suffrage in Leeds –  a 7x3 metre illustrative timeline mural, documenting the cultural changes and achievements of women throughout the history of Leeds. The mural is still available to view at the library until the end of this year. Other previous projects include working with fashion curator Judith Clark on an exhibition titled 'The Vulgar: Fashion Redefined', commissioned by the Barbican Art Gallery in 2016, for which she created a series of twelve emblems which illustrated text written by psychoanalyst Adam Phillips questioning the word 'vulgar' in relation to fashion. Three of the emblems were recreated as two metre sized, solid three dimensional coins, the other emblems were printed alongside the texts and clothing items. For more details about her CV, please email via the below link.

Her work has been exhibited at various venues in the UK, USA and in Europe, and regularly exhibits and sells her work at print fairs in the UK.

A selection of clients and collaborations include:
Incline Press, Exitstencil Press, The Idler, Penguin, Unbound, Pan Macmillan, Francis Lincoln, Ebury / Cassell Illustrated, 
Leftbank, Leeds, Judith Clark (curator), Marcel Theroux (writer), Matt Hulse (film maker/artist), Leeds Central Library: Room 700 gallery space, Barbican Art Gallery, Royal Academy of Dance's Dance Gazette, Greater Manchester Museums Group, 
Rochdale Ideas and Literature Festival, Vauxhall Motors, Latitude Festival ...

For more details, email: