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St Margaret of Antioch exhibition at Leftbank Leeds

15th – 20th September 2018



Leeds Women's Suffrage timeline mural



Bracketpress Editions



Idler Magazine



The Vulgar exhibition



Worts botanical illustrations



The Temperament of Trees book



Babyfire album covers



Angry Birds artworks



Marcel Theroux Chapbooks



The Royal Academy of Dance, Dance Gazette, editorial illustrations, various



Graphics and packaging for various Matt Hulse film productions



Art prints and greetings cards range
for Greater Manchester Museums Group



The Time Traveller's Guide to London
book cover and interior maps and illustrations



Portobello Road book cover and chapter illustrations



Recedham to Rochdale, an illustrated timeline of Rochdale



Brave Old World book cover and chapter illustrations



Revenge of the Mooncake Vixen book cover and chapter illustrations



Carnaby Street anniversary exhibition



On Kindness book cover and flyleaves